My New Year’s Resolution for 2015 was to start, plan and host #GolfChat where we talk about anything and everything golf. Our first Twitter chat for #GolfChat was on Tuesday, January 6 at 5pm PST. I didn't know what would come from it. I just knew that I wanted to talk to other people who were interested in seeing golf grow and I wanted to have fun.

Here we are a year later and I've met so many wonderful people through #GolfChat. We've talked about important stuff and silly stuff. And I've had some really cool experiences that came about because of #GolfChat.

Now, we're starting this companion website to the #GolfChat Twitter Chats. Here we hope to create a #GolfChat hub. So we can continue the conversation outside of the one hour #GolfChats that take place on Twitter every Tuesday at 10am and 5pm PST.

We are currently looking for contributors. Email Zeb@19thHoleMedia.com if you are interested.

#GolfChat Tweets

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