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#GolfChat Theme Week:

Golf Instruction Proposed by @jagolfer323

This weeks theme for #GolfChat is Golf Instruction.  Please click on the link below to submit your Golf Instruction Questions for tomorrow’s #GolfChat.

GolfChat Question About Golf Instruction

Our #GolfChat Questions will go live on our NEW #GolfChat website tonight at midnight, so make sure you submit your #GolfChat Questions on golf instruction.


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Golf Chatter Bio: @socialputts

Real Name: Art Faccone
Location: Round Rock, TX, USA

What Do You Order from the #GolfChat Bar?

I usually stick with wine (Cabs or Chardonnay) for #golfchat since it’s around dinner time for me. I’ll mix in a hoppy IPA once in a while. Favorite cocktails are Jack on the rocks or a martini, up with olives.

How Did You Get Into Golf?

When I was a boy our family would a take a one week vacation to a resort in the mountains with another family every August. The resort had a 9 hole course that we played every morning and putting tournaments for all ages throughout the week. I spent countless hours putting, trying to win a gift certificate to the snack bar. Since that time, golf has always been a way for me to detach from the day to day noise and spend quality time with friends and family.

What Are You Doing in Golf and Why?

I started SocialPutts to give golfers more opportunities to play golf and to help courses to grow the game. We started with a basic social network and we’ve grown to include golfer matching, invitations, score tracking, and public and private groups. We have 15,000+ online course communities, 400+ golfer groups and we’re growing every day.
Courses providing a Best Price Guarantee on their course website can market for free on SocialPutts. We also provide other for fee data and social media services that are directly aligned with the NGCOA’s Guidelines for Tee Time Distribution.  

Favorite #GolfChat Topics?

I get fired up by the so called ‘protectors of the game’ that believe that the only way to play golf is in proper golf attire and strictly adhering to the Rules of Golf. There will always be a place for that, but that’s not the future of golf. There are dozens of way to play golf, and everyone should be free to play golf their way. Golf must be accessible to the masses and, above all, it must be fun.

Favorite Golf Quote?

If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt. – Dean Martin 

Favorite Golf Destination and Why?

I love playing the Blue Monster at Doral. I love the climate in S. Florida and the challenge of the wind. Plus there’s great fishing, the beach, fantastic restaurants and family and friends who live nearby.

How Do You View the State of the Game of Golf?

Golf definitely needs help. Rounds are down, there are fewer golfers, revenue is down and courses are closing. The Baby Boomers didn’t provide the jump in rounds many had hoped for, and now the Boomers are getting older and playing less golf. To grow the game we need to reach all golfers and give them more opportunities to play golf their way. Courses need to regain control of their pricing and drive golfers to their own website rather than a 3rd party’s tee time booking site. SocialPutts helps courses to reach these goals.

Who Are Your Favorite #GolfChatters and Why?

I love anyone with punny or sarcastic comments, which often come from the usual suspects: Zeb (@ZebWelborn), Amy Spittle (@aspittle), @beercartgolf, @connectgolf and @CenCalHack. #rake

Favorite Golfers and Why?

Jordan Spieth. As much as I like to see Bubba and DJ hit bombs off the tee, I love Spieth’s demeanor and his overall game. I’m also curious to see how good he can be and for how long. He seems to be grounded and he’s got a great support structure in place. If he keeps this support structure and avoids 9 irons on Thanksgiving the sky’s the limit.  


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