#GolfChat 1.26.2021

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us and where are you from? What is the most compelling topic in golf today?


This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: How was your past week in golf? Did you watch the opening tournament for the LPGA? Do you regularly follow it more than the majors?  #GolfChat @TCasale9

Q2: Cart bag or carry bag: which one do you prefer? Which has more functionality for the average/everyday golfer? Do you find yourself switching back and forth? #GolfChat @garrettclyon

Q3: Does anyone have a home golf workshop/regripping station? Have any tips about how you set it up, advice, etc. #GolfChat @ActiveGlutes

Q4:  Do you enjoy watching celebs play golf on TV and do you think that it helps the game in any way?  #GolfChat @Back9Ben

Q5:  Direct to consumer equipment brands like Sub 70, New Level, and Tour Edge are increasingly popular. Are you considering buying from this segment or, will you stick to major brands? #GolfChat

Q6:  What are you looking forward to this week? #GolfChat


Tips for good #GolfChat:

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2. Retweet the questions to spread the #GolfChat love.
3. Include the hashtag #GolfChat in your answers.
4. Ask us questions for next week!


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