#GolfChat 3.23.2021

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us and have you ever been overseas to play golf? If you have, what were/are your favorite countries and courses to play? #GolfChat @scottrichards19

This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: If you knew right now you’d never be any better at golf than you are right now, would your enjoyment of the game decrease, increase, or stay the same? #GolfChat @Back9Ben

Q2: WGC Match Play is this week’s PGA event. Do you like the format as is, would you like to see #1 vs #64, #2 vs #63 and so on, or do you enjoy the different divisions? What about match play do you enjoy and if you don’t like it, why not? #GolfChat @eywgolf70

Q3: Do you ever play back or forward tees to force yourself to play longer or shorter clubs? Does it bring more trouble into play that you’re not used to? Set you up to be between clubs?  Is it a way to make you think more and get better? #GofChat @ActiveGlutes

Q4: The Masters is coming up soon, are you already starting to make plans? Do you have any Masters traditions? Take Thurs or Fri off? Make your own pimento cheese sammiches? Wear Masters logo gear all weekend? #GolfChat

Q5: How many of you regularly hit driver off deck? If you do, what are the average results and is it better than some of your tee shots? #GolfChat @fuerst_tim

Q6: What are you looking forward to this week?  #GolfChat


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