#Golfchat Slangs & Arrows

If you’ve played golf, you’ve slung a few choice words over a poor shot. You may have even flung a club. It’s time to confess, so come to the church of #Golfchat and tell us your sins. We don’t mind if you repeat them either…

Those Europeans are continuing to shake things up in the name of golf progress and are planning to introduce a shot clock into the Austrian Open next season.

The PGA Tour moves to Malaysia. Tiger Woods is swinging (clubs) again.

What does #Golfchat think?

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Jeremy – @connectgolf

This Week’s #Golfchat Questions

#Q1 from @realGolfchat – What most interested you in golf last week?

#Q2 from @DresserGolf – What’s your favourite slang, clever or humorous expression to describe a golf shot?

#Q3 from @EuropeanTour – What do you think about us introducing a shot clock to tournament play?

#Q4 from @PGATOUR – We’re in Malaysia this week. What do you think about the tour playing in more countries?

#Q5 from @TigerWoods – How do people feel about me sharing my recovery, frame-by-frame?

#Q19: Got something to share? Do it in #Golfchat!

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