Theme Week: Arnold Palmer

#GolfChat Questions

#Q1 What was your greatest memory of Arnold Palmer?

#Q2 What was your favorite Arnold Palmer quote?

#Q3 What current golfer reminds you of Arnold Palmer?

#Q4 Describe Arnold Palmer in 5 words?

#Q5 What will we remember most about Arnold Palmer?

#Q6 What was the most interesting thing to happen in golf this week?

#Q7 What golf pictures or videos did you take this week?

#Q19: What would you like us to check out this week? #GolfChat

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How to Participate in #GolfChat

#Golfchats happen every Tuesday at 5 pm and Wednesday at 9 am PST on Twitter. Hope you can make it!

What is a Twitter chat?

When I left my job as a high school History teacher and started my tutoring business, I began participating in Twitter chats on eduction, the biggest being #Edchat. #Edchat members got together once a week to discuss education. A series of questions were posed throughout the hour. Members tweeted, retweeted, shared and discussed.

The 140 character limit on Twitter really helps to cement and solidify your ideas on a topic and I began to learn – a lot.

I can honestly say that in the three months I participated in #EdChat, I learned more about education than I did in my four years of college, my year in the credential program, and my four years in the classroom combined.

How to Participate in #GolfChat

Step #1: Get a Twitter account. To participate in #GolfChat, you’ll need to have a Twitter account. Setting up a Twitter account is easy: visit and sign up.

Step #2: Log in every week. To start, #GolfChat will be every Tuesday at 5 pm and Wednesday at 9 am PST. The Wednesday version is a repeat of the first session for those who have schedule conflicts.

Step #3: Search for #GolfChat in the Twitter search bar. This will show you all tweets that have used the #GolfChat hashtag. Reply, retweet or mention anything you want.

Step #4: Use Twitter tools to help you navigate the discussion. My favorite tool to use to keep up with the chat is TweetDeck.


To use TweetDeck, you only need a Twitter account. Once you’re signed in, you can create columns to help you keep track of hashtags, keywords and even users. Here’s a screenshot of how I have it set up for #Golfchat:

In one column, I can keep track of my regular feed; in another, I get notified whenever someone mentions me; and in the last, I see whenever anyone uses the #Golfchat hashtag.

#Golfchat Structure

Each week we will pose questions asked by our community and we’ll discuss and debate those topics. Each question will take 7-10 minutes depending on the number of questions submitted that week.

Find out what we’re going to talk about each week by checking out the questions or signing up for the weekly newsletter.

Do you have questions about #Golfchat? Run into any trouble? What topics would you like to cover?

Leave your comments below.

Looking forward to chatting with you all in #Golfchat!

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What Should the Goal(s) of #GolfChat Be?

#GolfChat 12-Hole Golf Courses

#GolfChat Update

This week I'll be speaking at a the Golf Inc Summit and am not sure if I will be able to make it to #GolfChat. If you'd like to run #GolfChat this week, send me a tweet to let me know.

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#GolfChat Questions

#Q1 What was the most interesting thing to happen in golf this week? #GolfChat

#Q2 submitted by @SuzyfromFlorida: Is the rough on your course too long. Does it cause slow play? Should it be cut down? #GolfChat

#Q3 submitted by @SuzyfromFlorida: Have you ever been paired with someone on the first tee that you absolutely hated being with? #GolfChat

#Q4 submitted by @3JackAlmanac: From a customer service perspective, what does the golfer want from a golf course? #GolfChat

#Q5 submitted by @3JackAlmanac: How should/can the golf industry bring more women to the game? #GolfChat

#Q6: What should the goals of #GolfChat be? #GolfChat

Golf Chatter Bio: @citizencage


Real Name: Rusty Cage
Location: Long Island

What Do You Order from the #GolfChat Bar?

I like to keep it simple and refreshing - a dash of Grey Goose vodka and cranberry juice. Serve it in a large glass on the rocks.

How Did You Get Into Golf?

I picked up the game in my mid-thirties. You can say I was talked into it by my wife who wanted me to have something in common with her Dad. Of course in hindsight, her plan worked out too well! Now I'm a certified golf junkie.

It took about six years, but I finally beat the old man. But like a good son-in-law, I didn't gloat about it (much).

What Are You Doing in Golf and Why?

Frankly, I have no idea what I'm doing in golf yet. I enjoy the game and I'm fortunate enough that it's given me an opportunity to revisit my journalism roots and write about it on a freelance basis.

Long term, I'd love to parlay my writing experience into a full-time career; perhaps some sort of situation that lets me travel and write about the bigger personalities in the game.

In the meantime, I'm happy to continue to crank out stories on fashion and equipment, and to b.s. with all the golf nerds online.

Favorite #GolfChat Topics?

I'm not the crusading sort, but if anything gets my keyboard thwacking it's got to be slow play. It's an absolute disaster - especially in the United States. If anything is going to prevent the game from growing and attracting the next generation of avid players, you can be sure it's the five to six-hour round on a 90-degree day. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Favorite Golf Quote?

Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them - Kevin Costner

Favorite Golf Destination and Why?

I need to get out more. I haven't had a chance to travel to any of the bucket list destinations most people have on their lists. But if I had to choose three spots, I'd rank Pebble Beach first, Bandon Dunes second and Cabot Links third.

How Do You View the State of the Game of Golf?

The game of golf is in a transitional phase right now. It's coming down from the Tiger Woods high that has helped sustain it over the past decade or so.

The game will find it's footing and begin to grow again. And it's certainly in good hands at the pro level with players like Spieth, McIlroy and Fowler. Plus, I think technology will help continue connecting the game with a younger, hipper audience.

Who Are Your Favorite #GolfChatters and Why?

I have to give my good friend, Jon Sherman (@practicalgolf) a shout. He's an extremely knowledgable golfer (and a damn good writer) who is making a difference in educating recreational golfers on how to get more enjoyment out of this immensely frustrating game.

Favorite Golfers and Why?

While I admire tacticians like Jordan Spieth and Lydia Ko, I can't help but be drawn to players like Rory who can overwhelm the game of golf with their athleticism. There's just something incredibly satisfying in watching an athlete at the height of their powers totally decimate their competition.

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