#GolfChat 1.4.2022

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us, where are you, and how was your past week of golf?  #GolfChat

This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: In his Perfect Putt news letter this week @DoerflerJared talks about NFT’s in golf and Links DOA who’s goal is to purchase a Top 100 golf course and is selling membership NFT’s. Courious if you follow the NFT market and if you have $ to invest would you invest in a golf course?


Q2: Long time GolfChatter, @Portland_John, sent in an Golf.com article about a course’s new fee structure that gives jr golfers (under 18 yrs old) free rounds in 2022. Little Falls GC in central MN is looking at the free rounds as an investment in their future. To help grow or kick off a Jr program at your “home” course would you favor free rounds even if a small increase to your fees were needed to fund it?  #GolfChat

Q3: TaylorMade launched their new driver today on social media and Carbonwood tech and Callaway put a 30 minute commercial on The Golf Channel this afternoon so lots of twitter traffic questioning everything from price, performance, and even reviewers. Do you believe the hype around new tech, or is it just the big golf companies trying to get into your wallet?  #GolfChat

Q4: Some of us often play as a single while for others it’s something that doesn’t happen often. Do you dread who you might get matched up with if you’re not part of a foursome, do you look forward to it, or do you hope to go off as a single? #GolfChat

Q5: Plantation Course at Kapalua Resort will host the opening of 2022 PGA  year with 38 of 39 eligible player in the field. What is it that gets us so excited for this tourney, is it the elite no cut field, golf being played in the sun and warm temps, stunning views, or just the fact that prime time golf is back on? #GolfChat

Q6: Around the green, do you use different clubs with one swing, or do you go with one club with different swings? What was the biggest deciding factor to use the method you use? #GolfChat

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