#GolfChat 3.1.2022

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us, where are you, did you get out and play this past week, and if you didn’t, what was the highlight of your week? #GolfChat

This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: Phil Mickelson has pulled himself out of the spotlight  in light of his recent comments/actions, loss of sponsors, and being dropped as host of PGA event, will this all affect his future as a HOF? #GolfChat

Q2: After the Honda Classic produced another 1st time winner, Sepp Straka, I saw a tweet lamenting that there is no dominate player in the game today. Do think that a handful of players dominating a tour is best for golf, or are you excited that week in and week out the winners circle is wide open? #GolfChat

Q3: 7 states open up their handicap seasons today, (ID, IN, KY, MO, OR, WA, WV). Are you ready for the start of the scoring season and reach your 2022 golf goals? You can find your state’s starting date here: https://www.usga.org/handicapping-articles/handicap-active-and-inactive-season-schedule-25489.html #GolfChat

Q4: You are the ruler of all things in the golf world for one week, what are the top 5 things to do/change to make golf more in your image? And yes, getting a round in at Augusta National can be one of the 5. #GolfChat

Q5: Zac Johnson was named as the 2023 Ryder Cup captain recently. With 12 wins, including 2 majors, Johnson seems well suited to relate to the American players and will keep the 2022 winning “Pod” formula. Does he have his work cutout as the US tries to win in Europe for the 1st time since 1993? #GolfChat

Q6: What is THE most frustrating shot for you?

  1. Missed fairway
  2. Missed green
  3. Blown chip
  4. Missed short putt   Thanks for @TNRLM for the question #GolfChat

Sign Off:  Time is valuable so thank you for spending some of your time with us tonight on #GolfChat

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