#GolfChat 6.21.2022

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us, where are you, did you get out and play this past week? Who’s your pick for this week’s US Open and what’s the winning score? #GolfChat

This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: The US Open didn’t disappoint with a new major champ, a legendary course holding up to the best players, and conditions that tested the best players w/out being stupid. What was your biggest takeaway or did you just try to enjoy the golf? #GolfChat

Q2: Summer is officially here and for some the weather is going to make play even better, and for others, it means having to battle the heat with early rounds or lots of hydration.  Tell how you’re doing with your 2022 golf goals and getting in more or less rounds that you would like? #GolfChat

Q3: Let’s talk golf on TV as 2 topics bring in front and center. Nick Faldo steps down in August and USGA CEO Mike Whan reacted to criticism from golf Twitter of the US Open coverage in several areas. Can TV coverage ever be “fixed” by TV, or will it come down a pay per view streaming to reduce the amount of commercials and set pieces we get now? #GolfChat

Q4: Played twice we strangers this week, 1 group is was quickly obvious Sunday’s guys would be fun with smack talk going on the 1st tee. 2nd group I was guest and it was a lot different as only two of the four knew each other? What signs do you look for when playing with strangers if the round is going to fun or not? #GolfChat

Q5: Knowing what to touch on for #GolfChat is getting tough as we’re seeing historic actions taking place in pro golf, but we’re not pro’s and we care a lot about our game and other #GolfChatters. What ideas, suggestions, or ways forward do you think is best for this group? #GolfChat

Q6: What’s your week in golf look like and what are you excited about? #GolfChat

Sign Off:  Time is valuable so thank you for spending some of your time with us tonight on #GolfChat

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