#GolfChat 6.7.2022

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us, where are you, did you get out and play this past week, and if you didn’t, what was the highlight of your week? #GolfChat

This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: LIV golf now has a roster of players, a format, a tournament, and they’re ready to go. Give us your thoughts, takes, questions on the new professional golf tour. #GolfChat

Q2: What area of your golf game do you feel you tend to quickly lose your self-confidence in? If I miss a few early putts, it creeps into my little mind for the rest of the round. #GolfChat

Q3: 1 of the Twitter voices I listen to is @LouStagner on golf stats. When you look at any golf stats do you look to see where you think you fit in, or do you consider all players? #GolfChat

Q4: The USGA announced today that all players that have qualified for the 2022 US Open are welcome to play w/out endorsing any single entity or players.  Do you think they got this right?  #GolfChat

Q5: Playing in a tournament this past weekend I spent a lot of time laughing with playing partners as we went from the lead on Sat to out it on Sunday. Do you laugh or cuss more during a round? #GolfChat

Q6: What’s your week in golf look like and what are you excited about? #GolfChat

Sign Off:  Time is valuable so thank you for spending some of your time with us tonight on #GolfChat

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