#GolfChat 7.6.2021

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us and how was your past week of golf?  #GolfChat

This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: For the 2nd week in a row the PGA goes into extra holes (5) to decide the winner. The sudden death playoff, unlike the previous week’s, was over 4 holes and did you like this format better than the same hole again and again? #GolfChat

Q2: Viktor Hovland is trying to quietly play golf in his native Norway ahead of the British Open, but 300 people showed up to watch their new national hero play.  What makes you a fan of individual pro golfers? #GolfChat

Q3: Because of player such as Will Zalatoris and now Matilda Castren the conversation about “status” comes up. Do we care about what it takes to gain status or do we just want to see the best golfers the game has? Is “status” a way to protect the players that do have it? #GolfChat

Q4: In light of the new NCAA rules about athletes being paid for name, image, and likeness, will the USGA and R&A grant college golfers the right to sign deals and not lose their amature status?  Or will the USGA not grant a temp order and wait until 1/1/22 as expected?  Presser is expected today. #GolfChat

Q5: What is the #2 thing you look for in a regular golf partner (playing fast is #1 we know)? How often they’re available? How close in skill they are in comparison to you? My biggest is that they don’t get so down on a shot they don’t bring down the mood of the rest of the group. #GolfChat

Q6: What’s your week in golf look like and what are you excited about? #GolfChat

Sign Off:  Time is valuable so thank you for spending some of your time with us tonight on #GolfChat

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