#GolfChat 8.30.2022

Welcome to #GolfChat! Who’s joining us, where are you, did you get out and play this past week, and if you didn’t, what was the highlight of your week? #GolfChat

This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: Played recently with an older gentleman who putted with his driver and was pretty successful w/it. What type of putter do you use? Blade? Mallet? A hybrid of some type?  #GolfChat

Q2: What putting grip do you use currently and is it the same grip you started with? Common are reverse overlap, left hand low, claw, arm lock, or maybe you use something else? #GolfChat

Q3: In your putting, do you focus more on speed (distance control), or is it the line? #GolfChat

Q4: All aspects of your golf make up 100% of your game. What importance do you put on your putting game and how often do you practice? #GolfChat

Q5:  What is your comfortable gimme distance in a casual round? What distance do you give in a money game? #GolfChat

Q6: What’s your week in golf look like and what are you excited about? #GolfChat

Sign Off:  Time is valuable so thank you for spending some of your time with us tonight on #GolfChat

Tips for good #GolfChat:

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3. Include the hashtag #GolfChat in your answers.
4. Ask us questions for next week!

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