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Golf careers, lessons learned, staying relevant and more! Come join us starting at 5:30 PM PST (click this link to get your local time)!


This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: NEW OPENING QUESTION: Tell us about your *past* week in golf: where did you play and how did you do? What TV golf did you watch? What’s something new you learned? #GolfChat

Q2: Have you ever considered becoming a PGA professional or making golf a career? Why or why not? #GolfChat

Q3:  What’s the best thing your PGA pro has taught you about the game or even something else? #GolfChat

Q4:  @TheGratefulGolf asks “If you could caddie for any player in the #PGAChampionship, who would it be and why?” #GolfChat

Q5: @fnf2017 asks “How tough is it for @PGA pros to keep up/stay relevant with online instructors? #GolfChat

Q6: @tak6tak asks “How legit is the @PGA PAT (player ability test)? Can most people pass it?

Q7: NEW CLOSING QUESTION: What are you looking forward to *this* week? #GolfChat


#GolfChat Poll: @TheParTrain asks “When putting your golf bag in your trunk, do you lead with the clubs or the bottom of the bag?”


Tips for good #GolfChat:

1. Follow @realGolfchat and the hashtag #GolfChat.
2. Retweet the questions to spread the #GolfChat love.
3. Include the hashtag #GolfChat in your answers.
4. Ask us questions for next week!

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