Move My Needle

Is Tiger really the only one who gets us excited?  What makes a good locker room? Are sweaty feet even that gross? Those questions and more this week, on #Golfchat.  5 PM PST (click this link to get your local time)

This Week’s #Golfchat Questions

#Q1: It’s Tuesday, @realGolfchat asks, “What’s got you excited about golf?” #GolfChat

#Q2: speaking of excitement, @iamdiesel18 asks “Other than Tiger, what pro golfers make you tune in when they are in contention…who ‘moves’ your needle?” #GolfChat

#Q3: It’s always nice to get invited to things but @cencalhack asks “What percentage of private course invitations (from friends/co-workers/etc) actually come to fruition?” #GolfChat

#Q4: speaking of fancy clubs, @FatGuyGolf asks about the @golfdigest article on best locker rooms, “What makes a good locker room and which ones are your favorite?”#GolfChat

#Q5: did someone say smelly locker rooms? @mclayton1970 asks “What’s the grossest thing about golf?” #GolfChat

#Q6:  @gfordgolf posted recently about a playing partner using a bunch of infomercial clubs.  So @Golfer_Jake_78 asks “What infomercial equipment have you bought? Would you buy any?” #GolfChat


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