Pete Flanigan: Flaming the Olympics

Spoiler Alert, golf does not need the Olympics. Seemingly everyone is down on the Olympics at this point in 2016; what with the alleged IOC corruption, the billions of dollars of debt the host nation incurs in hosting the Olympics, the terrible human rights and environmental situation in Brazil and even Zika. Continue reading

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Theme Week: Golf in the 2016 Olympics

#GolfChat Questions

#Q1 What’s the most interesting thing that happened in golf this week? #GolfChat

#Q2 submitted by @connectgolf: Does golf need the Olympics? #GolfChat

#Q3 submitted by @golfbloggercom: What are the benefits/costs of making Olympic Golf amateur only? #GolfChat

#Q4 submitted by @CowanBrew: Does having Golf in the Olympics bring more international attention to the game that it couldn’t get any other way? #GolfChat

#Q5 submitted by @golfbandwagoner: Would pro golfers still have dropped out if Zika wasn’t a threat (meaning if the Games were held elsewhere)? #GolfChat

#Q6 submitted by @todd_fitness: What formats would you rather see at Olympics other than stroke play? #GolfChat

#BonusQ submitted by @connectgolf: Given the choice, would you watch athletics or golf at the Olympics? #GolfChat

#Q19: What would you like us to check out this week? #GolfChat

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