Charity Golf in #Golfchat

#Golfchat Questions

#Q1: What was the most interesting thing to happen in golf this week?

#Q2 from @ZebWelborn: What is the coolest thing you’ve seen at a charity golf tournament?

#Q3 from @LobWedge: What is your favorite major/big event? Why?

#Q4 from @TheGratefulGolf: What is your favorite format for a golf tournament? Match, Stroke, Scramble, or Best Ball? Why?

#Q5 from @GolferAcademy: What is the worst weather you’ve played a round in (either to completion or not)?

#Q19: What would you like us to check out this week?

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Upcoming #Golfchat Theme Weeks

August: Food on the course // 8.15
 Playing with spouse or significant other // 9.19
Golf podcasts // 10.17


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