#Golfchat Great White Shark Week

12 months ago, Greg Norman promised us a “revolution” in golf.

It turns out that revolution is the “Shark Experience – an entertainment hub to enhance the golf course experience.” Digging deeper for words people actually understand, we find it’s a juiced up golf cart screen with more options than just GPS yardages.

You want a scorecard? You got it! How about live sport (other than that you’re playing yourself)? No problem! Cashless payments (a sexy way of saying “please let us store your credit card info on our platform too”)? Easy!

I wonder if Greg knows smartphones have been doing all that stuff for years…?

What does #Golfchat think?

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Jeremy – @connectgolf

This Week’s #Golfchat Questions

#Q1 from @realGolfchat – What’s was the best thing you saw in golf last week?

#Q2 from @iamdiesel18 – With public courses closing down, is this golf’s form of evolution where only the strong survive?

#Q3 from @MikeLednovich – What are your favorite golf movies?

#Q4 from @SharkGregNorman – What do you think of my “revolution” in golf, the Shark Experience golf carts?

#Q5 from @SharkGregNorman – If you walk, would the Shark Experience encourage you to drive a golf cart instead? Why?

#Q6 from @SharkGregNorman – Would you prefer to get yardages, scores & live content on my golf carts or via your phone? Why?

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