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This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: What has you excited about golf this week? #GolfChat

Q2: @practicalgolf recently published an review on the most popular “magic clubs” like the GX-7, C3i wedge, SquareStrike, etc. @jimtfoto wants to know, who’s tried one? #GolfChat

Q3: @GolfLRE asks “Have you ever ‘cheated’ on your current coach or golf instructor with a different one to get a second opinion?” #GolfChat

Q4: @FatGuyGolf asks “What are your top golf course bars/grill rooms?” Please include pics if you have’em! #GolfChat

Q5: @Weatherhack wants to know “What do you do when a member of your golf trip starts to grumble about the cost of things?” How do you keep the peace without compromising the essence of the trip? #GolfChat

Q6: @gratt13 asks “What was your biggest accomplishment this week in golf?” #GolfChat

#GolfChat POLL: @jvcolangelo wants to know, what’s your take on push carts?


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