Last Minute #Golfchat

Sorry for the last-minute nature of today’s #Golfchat folks. Strange as it may sound, but despite being primarily responsible for blowing up the Internet, we are not full-time disruptive social media experts. Yesterday I was running a fundraising golf day for Fairways so today #Golfchat oragnisation is happening a little later than anticipated.

This Week’s #Golfchat Questions

#Q1 from @realGolfchat – What’s was the best thing you saw in golf last week?

#Q2 from @NoRealSports – What are the top 3 reasons a golf course gets your business?

#Q3 from @TheGratefulGolf – How do you measure distance on the golf course?

#Q4 from @NoRealSports – When you take a golf trip, do you organize it yourself or use a golf travel agent?

#Q5 from @connectgolf – Show us your favorite golf hat. Why is it your favorite?

#Q6 from @ZebWelborn – What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen done at a golf tournament?

Tips for good #Golfchat:

  1. Retweet the questions to spread the #Golfchat love and get more people involved
  2. Follow other #Golfchatters and follow back if they follow you.

Remember #Golfchat is on at 5 PM PST (click this link to get your local time)



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