Shaking Hands in #Golfchat

#Golfchat Questions

#Q1: What was the most interesting thing to happen in golf this week?

#Q2 from @RodDogg: Ever give yourself or another a penalty for putting into the hole with flagstick still in?

#Q3 from @TheGratefulGolf: How specific is your aim point on approach shots? The green area, a part of the green or the pin?

#Q4 from @29sonski: Do you like/observe the custom of removing hats and shaking hands after final hole?

#Q5 from anonymous: What was your most memorable round of golf and why?

#Q19: What would you like us to check out this week?

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Upcoming #Golfchat Theme Weeks

July: Practice routines // 7.18
Food on the course // 8.15
 Playing with spouse or significant other // 9.19
Golf podcasts // 10.17

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