The #GolfChat Survey

#GolfChat Survey:

Q1: Let’s start with something simple but controversial: What is your preferred capitalization?
1. #GolfChat
2. #Golfchat
3. #golfchat

Q2: Generally speaking, which night of the week(8pm eastern) is easiest for you to participate in #GolfChat throughout the year?
1. Tuesday
2. Sunday
3. Monday
4. Other (please comment)

Q3: In regards to the day you selected in Question 2, would moving #GolfChat back 1 hour (9pm eastern) make you more or less likely to participate?
1. More likely
2. Less likely
3. No difference

Q4: Aside from Twitter, which of these outlets do you use/use most on a regular basis?
1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Snapchat
4. None of the above

Q5: What topics would you like to see get more coverage during #GolfChat (please comment for Other or if you have no preference)?
1. Pro events/players
2. Personal game/stories
3. Courses/travel
4. Golf history

Q6: How often should #GolfChat pose questions or cater to beginner golfers or those who don’t play but are interested in learning?
1. Rarely
2. Occasionally
3. Often

Q7: Would you like to see special guests on #GolfChat less or more often?
1. Less often
2. More often
3. No change/no preference

#GolfChat Survey is open now through Sunday, July 7th on Twitter, @realGolfchat. Let your voice be heard!

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