A Very #Golfchat Christmas



It’s Christmas time at #Golfcat… sorry, #Golfchat and we’re not immune to a Santa cat GIF. We know @cencalhack would approve.

Tee off with your opinions! Only on #Golfchat.

This Week’s #Golfchat Questions

#Q1 from @realGolfchat – What was your favorite golf moment of 2017 & why?

#Q2 from @ndougl – What’s the windiest day you’ve ever played golf? When is it too windy?

#Q3 from @ShootingYourAge – How do leagues, golf course supers, etc handle sandbaggers during tournaments?

#Q4 from @TheGraetfulGolf – Tell us your worst 3 putt story!

#Q5 from @catenagolfpro – In tournaments, does your club adjust hcp for players playing from different tees? If not why? #golfchat

#Q6 from @ZebWelborn, @connectgolf & @golfbandwagoner – Happy Christmas from the #Golfchat crew! How are you spending the holidays?

Tips for good #Golfchat:

  1. Retweet the questions to spread the #Golfchat love and get more people involved
  2. Follow other #Golfchatters and follow back if they follow you.

Remember #Golfchat is on at 5 PM PST (click this link to get your local time)


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