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Surprise #GolfChat Week

During our last #GolfChat we had some #GolfChatters complaining that they hated surprises and therefore hated surprise #GolfChat so I ran a poll to determine the consensus of our fellow #GolfChatters.

Here are the results:

Surprise #GolfChat Zeb Welborn

Eighty-two percent of those who voted said they love #GolfChat surprises, so for those of you that hate it, I’m sorry but majority rules.

Also, I do like to get questions from Periscope from #GolfChatters who don’t normally ask questions so, although I’m inviting you to ask questions on Periscope, it’s not necessary to participate.  It only helps make our #GolfChat questions a bigger surprise.

If you want to submit surprise questions for Tuesday’s #GolfChat, make sure you look me up on Periscope around 4:30pm to get in your #GolfChat questions.


Should We Add a Second Hour to #GolfChat?

One problem with only having #GolfChat at 5pm PST is that not everyone can participate . . . especially our European friends as #GolfChat takes place in the middle of the night.

In our #GolfChat survey at the end of last year, there were several requests to have another #GolfChat at another time.

To accomodate those who can’t make it at 5pm PST, we’re considering having another #GolfChat at 10am PST on Tuesdays.  My intention is to pose the same questions in each #GolfChat.

Look for our poll at the beginning of #GolfChat to determine whether or not to add a 2nd hour to #GolfChat.


New #GolfChat Blog Post:
#GolfChat is Blowing Up

Multiple #GolfChat Award Winner, Ryan Young wrote this article on his one year #GolfChat Anniversary.

Ryan Young Front9Back9 #GolfChat Herb McNally McTwentyTwo

Check it out – #GolfChat Anniversary: Reflections From a Year of Golf Fun

Epic Golf Games

A big shout out and thank you to @epicgolfgames who sent this my way.

EPIC GOLF GAMES: The Putting Edition.  EPIC Journey.

Epic Golf Games Putting

These cards are designed to help your putting game and I think they offer cards to help other aspects of your golf game.

Bridgestone Golf

Thank you to the entire @bridgestonegolf team for being so supportive of #GolfChat.  Not only did they donate the #GolfChat Awards, (which I’m sending in the mail tomorrow to the winners) they also sent me the #BestBallEver with some funky signature on it.

Can anyone tell me whose signature this is?


Bridgestone Golf #BestBallEver Fred Couples

They also sent me an extremely nice note which said lots of nice things, but mostly just said how awesome I am.  Oh . . . and how awesome #GolfChat is.

Zeb’s First #GolfChat Outing

I know many of you have had a chance to play with one another after meeting on #GolfChat.  Last Friday was my first round playing with fellow #GolfChatters @GetawaysGolf and @Golfbybryan at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club.

Had a great time golfing with these guys.

#GolfChat Outing at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club with Bryan McLean and Darin Bunch

New #GolfChat Blog Post

Jimmy Ferguson, aka @JimmyF1985, wrote an excellent blog post on his Tiger Golf Traveler website on #GolfChat . . . Check it out –  http://tigergolftraveler.com/2016/01/25/golfchat/comment-page-1/#comment-1056

Is Anyone Going to the Golf Industry Show in San Diego?

Turns out I will be attending the Golf Industry Show in San Diego during February as I’ve recently aligned myself with REALiTEE GOLF.  As #GolfChatters, I respect you greatly and would value your thoughts on REALiTEE GOLF.

Please check out their website and shoot me an email letting me know what you think to Zeb@19thHoleMedia.com.


Golf Chatter Bio: @JimmyF1985 aka @tgrgolftraveler

Jimmy Ferguson and John Daly Tiger Golf Traveler
Real Name: Jimmy Ferguson
Location: Greenville, SC 

What Do You Order from the #GolfChat Bar?

Depends on the day. I like craft beer and will sample some of that if the course has it. If it’s a warm day I may go with a Transfusion. That’s one part Vodka, one part ginger ale, and one part grape juice. Preferably with crushed ice and a lime wedge. Grape juice seems to only be available at golf courses!

How Did You Get Into Golf?

My grandfather started me in the game. I was nine years old and spending my summers in New Hampshire. He likes to say it was to keep me out of trouble! I have played ever since.

What Are You Doing in Golf and Why?

Well I played high school golf for four years and college golf for a semester and a half. After my college playing experience went South I lost the passion for the game. I snapped out of that after about 6 months. Now I have embarked on a quest to play the Top 100 courses in America (4 lists). You can check out course tours and my other random thoughts on my blog at tigergolftraveler.com.

Favorite #GolfChat Topics?

Anything related to golf travel of course. I also enjoy items affecting amateurs just like @1beardedgolfer! There is such a wealth of opinions in #golfchat and I really enjoy seeing them.

Favorite Golf Quote?

“What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.” – Arnold Palmer

Favorite Golf Destination and Why?

As far as places I have been I would have to say either Pebble Beach or Pinehurst. The variety is so good. Now where I want to go, Scotland and Ireland!

How Do You View the State of the Game of Golf?

I think it’s demise is greatly exaggerated. Sure, there has been a market correction because we built waaaayyy to many courses. I think once that stabilizes things will be good. I always seem to see a lot of people playing. However, the more efforts courses can make to offer alternatives to full 18 hole rounds the better. Some money for 6 holes is better than none at all. 

Who Are Your Favorite #GolfChatters and Why?

Jim @TheGratefulGolfer is so positive that it is infectious. He came to my blog early and I am very grateful for that.

Dave @1beardedgolfer is always quick with an opinion and has great stuff to offer the chat and on his website.

Darin @GetawaysGolf adds a lot to the conversation and has some stunning pictures on Twitter and Instagram!

Also @golfismental for his travel stories, @36aday for many reasons, and @ReGripped for his Cypress quest.

There really are too many to name!

Favorite Golfers and Why?

Tiger Woods – I was 12 when he won the 1997 Masters. He is and always will be the best to me. I hope he can have a late career turnaround. For all the Jack loyalists, this is not meant as a dig.

Jordan Spieth – What’s not to like?

Rickie Fowler – Not a huge guy, but plays like he is. Fun to watch and love his attitude. Seems genuinely like a good guy.

Many others, I dislike very few and like a lot.

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2 thoughts on “February 2016 Surprise #GolfChat | @JimmyF1985 aka @tgrgolftraveler

  1. Zeb! Hubba here; Golf Chatter! Will check in tonight.
    I notice on this post that you actually enlighten your Chatters about golf products. I thought pimping one’s own product was taboo, but I really don’t know.
    At any rate, if you do talk about products, I would greatly appreciate you mentioning my book, The Shababa Manifesto: A Handbook for Skill-Challenged Golfers. I think it would probably apply to about 90% of Golf Chatters. The web site is shababagolf.com. Would gladly send you a hard cover for you to read, evaluate, and possibly publicize. Send me your mailing address. I can be reached at #Hubba1722 or hubba17@icloud.com.
    Tnx! We’ll chat tonight.
    All the best, Hubba

  2. Alex,

    Yes, pimping one’s own product is taboo. But, I’m allowed to talk about whatever I want. 😉 The products I mentioned were long-time active and supporters of #GolfChat. I’m comfortable highlighting the work of other #GolfChatters as long as they’re active participants or add value to the group in a meaningful way.

    I’ll shoot you an email with my details.

    Thanks for everything!


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