#GolfChat Authors Group Launch & Surprise June #GolfChat

#GolfChat Authors Group Launch & Surprise June #GolfChat
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Surprise #GolfChat in June

Submit your #GolfChat Questions by clicking the button below.  All questions will be taken from your submissions this week.

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#GolfChat Authors

For weeks we’ve been teasing that something big was coming to #GolfChat and today it’s time to unveil what @connectgolf and I have been working on . . . a #GolfChat Authors page.

A few weeks ago we reached out to a select few #GolfChatters with the idea to write monthly on a specific topic and so many of you jumped on board right away.  (If we didn’t approach you and you think we should have, you have complete authority to let @connectgolf know).

The purpose of the #GolfChat Authors monthly postings are to generate discussions about golf that will help to grow the game and inspire others to become involved.

@connectgolf put in a lot of work to make this happen so be sure to thank him when you get a chance and look for more opportunities to submit work via our #GolfChat Authors group.

Our first #GolfChat topic was:

“Golf isn’t dead, it’s cyclical. When is the next up-cycle & what will it look like?”

And we received articles from:

  • @tonyjdear – Golf Emerging from its Dark Tunnel
  • @golfbandwagoner – I Think I Killed Golf
  • @zebwelborn – Is Golf on the Back 9?
  • @onerandomaussie – Golf’s Evolution and Education
  • @todd_fitness – Golf Isn’t Dying, It’s Evolving
  • @regripped – A Vision for Golf’s Future

And you can read them all right here – http://www.golfchat.org/authors/

Help us support our new #GolfChat Authors group by sharing your favorite post of the bunch with your family, friends and audience.

Weekly Reminders

Do you have updates to share with the #GolfChat community.  Email me with the cool things you’ve been up to and I’ll be sure to share those with our #GolfChat members!

Comment below if you have any comments, questions, or ideas as it pertains to #GolfChat.

Learn more about some of my Top 82 Golf Twitter Accounts to follow in 2015 – http://19thholemedia.com/top-82-golf-twitter-accounts-follow-2015/

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Do You Have Any Suggestions for #GolfChat Questions?  Share Them With Us!

Join us weekly for #GolfChat, every Tuesday at 5pm PST!

For more information about how to participate in #GolfChat, please check out this article – How to Participate in #GolfChat Twitter Chat – http://19thholemedia.com/how-to-participate-in-the-golfchat-twitter-chat/

New #GolfChat Calendar:

1st #GolfChat of the Month = Surprise #GolfChat
2nd, 4th and 5th #GolfChat of the Month = Regular #GolfChat
3rd #GolfChat of the Month = Themed #GolfChat

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