Pete Flanigan: Flaming the Olympics

Spoiler Alert, golf does not need the Olympics. Seemingly everyone is down on the Olympics at this point in 2016; what with the alleged IOC corruption, the billions of dollars of debt the host nation incurs in hosting the Olympics, the terrible human rights and environmental situation in Brazil and even Zika. Continue reading

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Big Gravy or Beef on #GolfChat

#GolfChat Authors – Ideas to Increase Women’s and Junior Participation

This month the #GolfChat Authors targeted ideas to increase women’s and junior participation in golf.

Whose ideas were most inline with your own?

Articles were submitted by:

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#GolfChat Questions

#Q1 What’s the most interesting thing that happened in golf this week? #GolfChat

#Q2 submitted by @aspittle: If you could introduce one more non-golfer to the game, who would it be and why? #1moregolfer #GolfChat

#Q3 submitted by @golfbandwagoner: What benefits do young guns bring to the sport? Downfalls? #GolfChat

#Q4 submitted by @TheGratefulGolf: Should golf adopt the foot wedge to make the game more fun for beginners? #GolfChat

#Q5 submitted by @h2cgolf: Would you go to the Olympics in Brazil as an athlete? #GolfChat

#Q6 submitted by @crissb: Better nickname: Colt Knost’s “Big Gravy” or Andrew Johnston’s “Beef?” #GolfChat

#Q19: What would you like us to check out this week? #GolfChat

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Southern California Charity Golf Classic

Last year, I hosted the first ever Southern California Charity Golf Classic. In our first year, we had 115 golfers and raised $7,597.81 for charity.  This year, we’re making it bigger and better.

As #GolfChatters, we’ve always talked about having an outing together, and this is our chance. Would love to have fellow #GolfChatters participate in the SCCGC.  I know @ShawnDeal expressed interest in getting a group together, so please reply to this email if you’re interested in participating.

For your entry fee, you get:

  • Golf
  • Dinner
  • Entry into Contests including a Hole-in-One Contest for a Car from MK Smith Chevrolet
  • Goodie Bag
  • To Participate in a Live Auction, Silent Auction and Raffle
  • To Raise Money for the Following Charities:
    • Boys Republic
    • Chino Rotary Club
    • Chino Valley Fire District
    • Love Them All Foundation
    • Priceless Pets
    • The Let It Be Foundation

We’re not only looking for players, but we’re looking for sponsors and donations.  I’d appreciate your support.

To find out more about the Southern California Charity Golf Classic, please visit: http://19thholemedia.com/the-southern-california-charity-golf-classic/

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