#GolfChat Match This!

Photo courtesy of @ockfen of their eagle on the fly last year @suncadiaresort


The Match is a big hit, kids that outplay their parents, 3 words to describe your game, and more! All this week on #GolfChat, come join us starting at 5:30 PM PST (click this link to get your local time)!


This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: What has you EXCITED about golf this week? #GolfChat

Q2: @Back9Ben asks “Did you watch #TheMatch? What was your favorite moment from it?” #GolfChat

Q3: @XMoralHazardX wants to know “If you could design your own golf event or match, what would it look like as far as format, earnings, and media production? Feel free to add anything about your desired participants and the venue.” #GolfChat

Q4: @M3WoodGolf asks “Do you have a child or know a kid that is better than you at golf?” #GolfChat

Q5: @1beardedgolfer asks “Have you ever played in a formal competition where you were competing against someone playing from different tees than you?” #GolfChat

Q6: @hole19golf wants to know “What are three words that best describe your golf game?” #GolfChat

#GolfChat POLL: @M3WoodGolf asks “Would you rather shoot even par with 9 birdies and 9 bogeys or 18 pars?”


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