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Life and golf…from dreams to weddings and more! Come join us starting at 5:30 PM PST (click this link to get your local time)!


This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: How was your past week in golf? Where did you play and how did you do? What TV golf did you watch? What’s something new you learned? #GolfChat

Q2: @Wallajay asks “Do you consider yourself to be living a ‘golf lifestyle’? What does that mean to you?” #GolfChat

Q3:  #GolfChat

Q4:  Have you ever used a golf course for something other than playing the game (e.g. wedding, party, extra-curricular activity)? #GolfChat

Q5: #GolfChat

Q6: It’s #USOpen Week! What are you looking forward to this week? #GolfChat


#GolfChat Poll: Do you have a specific budget you spend on golf every month/year or just freewheel it?


Tips for good #GolfChat:

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3. Include the hashtag #GolfChat in your answers.
4. Ask us questions for next week!

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