Surprise #GolfChat + #GolfChat Authors

Surprise! It’s November’s first #GolfChat.

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As of this week, there will be no more Front 9 #GolfChat. It was fun while it lasted, chatters! Please join us for the Back 9 every Tuesday at 5 pm PST!

The Latest from the #GolfChat Authors

Ode to Arnold Palmer by Tony Dear [@tonyjdear]
Fanning the Fire by Anne Foley Smith [@foleysmith555]
Winning Ugly by Dave Hill [@1BeardedGolfer]
The Emotion Notion by Jim Burton [@TheGratefulGolf]

Odds and Ends

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#GolfChat Calendar:

1st #GolfChat of the month = Surprise #GolfChat
2nd, 4th and 5th #GolfChat of the month = Regular #GolfChat
3rd #GolfChat of the month = Themed #GolfChat

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