#GolfChat Cinco de Golf Hole

Let’s all congratulate @RalphaelEivots on a hole-in-one this week! Way to go, Brad!


Does Tiger really regret running? Would you watch PGA TOUR events with no spectators? PLUS the $25,000,000 question! All coming up tonight at a special time, come join us starting at 5:30 PM PST (click this link to get your local time)!


This Week’s #GolfChat Questions

Q1: What has you hopeful about golf this week? #GolfChat

Q2:  @TigerWoods recently said in an interview that his biggest regret was running too much earlier in his career. @jnesky88 wants to know “how many golfers find this plausible?” #GolfChat

Q3: @JoeEstesPT asks “What are your favorite golf games to play with a threesome/foursome with people you know?” #GolfChat

Q4:  @GolfTravelerBOS asks “What course was an add-on to one of your buddies trip that was a pleasant surprise?” #GolfChat

Q5:  @GolfLRE asks “They just cancelled spectators at the KFT TPC Colorado event. Will you still be as interested to watch events if there are no fans?” #GolfChat

Q6:  @JerryLouLooper wants to know “Would you take $25mil to never play golf again?” #GolfChat


#GolfChat POLL: @RaphaelEivots wants to know “Would you rather play in front of another group and feel rushed or play behind a group and wait every shot?” #GolfChat


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