#Golfchat Talks Handicaps

This week on #Golfchat we look at the biggest news to hit handicaps since forever, with the overnight announcement of a World Handicap System to unify handicaps across the globe. Read about it HERE.

Plenty to talk about in that area. Also crowd noise is costing Tiger tournaments…

What does #Golfchat think?

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This Week’s #Golfchat Questions

#Q1 from @realGolfchat – What got you excited in golf this week?

#Q2 from@realGolfchat – What are your initial thoughts about the new World Handicap System?

#Q3 from @realGolfchat – The highest score you can mark on your card will be a net double-bogey. Will this stop sandbaggers?

#Q4 from @realGolfchat – Both men & women can have a handicap of 54. Will this help increase golf participation?

#Q5 from @realGolfchat – Only 15% of golfers have a formal handicap index. Will the WHS encourage more to get an index?

#Q6 from @RandallMellGC – What should the PGA TOUR do about the raucous crowds around Tiger?

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